How To Create a Website Under 5minutes

What is Website?

A site is an assortment of publicly accessible, interlinked Web pages that share an individual domain name. Websites could be created and managed by a person, group, business or business to serve a number of purposes. Together, all publicly available websites constitute the internet. Are Searching How to Create a Website Step By Step I will Guide you how to create a website in easy steps.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is something that allows companies and individuals to create a website or website onto the web. A hosting company, or web hosting company, is usually a business that delivers the technologies and providers needed for the website or web page to be looked at in the web. Websites are hosted, or kept, on special computers known as servers. When Internet surfers want to watch your website, all they need to do is type your site domain or address into their browser. Their computer will hook up to your server as well as your web pages shall be sent to them through the browser.

Step 1: Click This Link To Start Your WordPress Blog On Bluehost

Web Hosting

Step 2: Select The Hosting Plan Of Your Interest

Pick the hosting plan from basic, plus and prime on the basis of your need as shown below:

Web Hosting Plan

Step 3: Enter Your Desired Domain Name (You’ll Get Free Domain For Life With Bluehost)

Try to pick a domain name that is easy to read, type and remember.

Domain Buy

Step 4: Enter Your Account Information And Click “Next”

Create Account

Step 5: Create A Secured Password And Login

Please pick a strong and secure password that contains alphabets, numbers, and symbols to make your password is not easily predictable.

Choose Password

Once you’ve set your password successfully, you will get something like this;


Installing WordPress Manually upon Bluehost:

Now, for reasons unknown you deleted your existing WordPress installation or need to set up WordPress on a fresh domain (Addon domain), you may follow the actions mentioned to take action.

Login to your Bluehost Hosting Dashboard

Click on Marketplace

Install Wordpress

Click on Add Website

Enter details

New Wordpress

Click on next and select the domain on which you want WordPress to be installed.

Select Domain

Click on next and select the domain on which you want WordPress to be installed.

That’s it!

After Installing WordPress Pick a Theme

Once you pick any theme of your choice from Bluehost, you’re all set to go!

Now you’ll be seeing your WordPress dashboard. If you’ve any problems or queries related to starting a WordPress blog on Bluehost, mail me at (or leave a comment on this post) and I’d be glad to help you.

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