Hey I'm Prathap Rathod
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Designer, developer,
& Content Writer
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I'm a designer and Content Writter currently residing in India. I live for stunning design, accessible UX, and inspiring others through my work.

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UI/UX Designer

I'm a freelance UI/UX designer with 1+ years of experience working professionally on the web. I love designing simple, yet evocative web & mobile interfaces.

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Content Editor

I am Writing Some of Contents on the Web and I have Knowledge about the Writing articles.

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Photo + Video Production

I have over 4 years of experience with photography, ranging from products to portraits. I also shoot, edit, color correct, and create motion graphics for films.

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I speak at conferences about my experiences in the design and cannabis industry. I also teach design and development online through various platforms.

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I'm interested in freelance projects, remote work or mentoring, feel free to email me.

Email iconme@prathaprathod.in